Here we go, the big move to our new location is underway. Equipment, steel, mats, office stuff – everything is on it’s way over to:

21550 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn VA 20147

If the address looks familiar, it’s because we are moving into a spacious new training facility under the roof of the new Silver Eagle Group building.

At Beaumeade we have multiple training spaces and mens/women’s locker rooms. We’ll have a quiet office for conversation, and spaces to hang out to observe classes. As usual with construction projects, there have been a few delays. As a result With our we’ll have a little down time per the training schedule.

Current projections are we’ll be up and running by July 24th, if not sooner. Watch your emails, here on the website, Facebook and Instagram for all the up-to-the-minute notifications. When we have pics to show you, we’ll put them up here : ).

Enjoy your temporary training vacation but don’t lose ground. Practice, shadow box, dry-drill at home so you’re sharp when the doors open. We’ll be doing the same by meeting with instructors and getting into program development.

Got any questions? Email Operations Director, Andi Boyer:

live fierce,