By the end of the day today, April 2, I will have a house full of my closest friends – who also happen to be the foremost voices in self-defense & violence.

Day 0 of Violence Dynamics is tomorrow and the full training conference commences on Thursday. One of these guys recently posted an excellent article on a topic I have pounded into the ground (or beaten dead horses over).

Randy’s Article

It addresses why Violence Dynamics is so critical – particularly for ANYONE who believes they teach self-defense through their martial arts training program.

It’s essential to understand the deep distinction between martial arts & self-defense. It is equally important to understand not only what we are teaching…but to whom as well.

Whether you are teaching Karate, Tae Kwon Do, JuiJitsu, BJJ, Boxing, Judo…anything…this article is important to read.

Randy’s Article Link Again.¬† Yes… it’s that important.

If you are a student of ANY martial art, including MMA,. Krav Maga, Silat, Muay Tai and Kickboxing, you need to read this article too. Understand what you are learning and know where the pitfalls are.


Happy training everyone,