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Kore Self-Defense is the Personal Defense Industries’ physical training center located in Loudoun County, Virginia providing self-defense training built from a Krav Maga Curriculum originally developed by Eyal Yanilov. Building from this foundation, our curriculum is fueled by continuous research in the evolution of conflict and violence in the post-modern world. Unlike other Krav Maga based programs, our goals are not based on a systemic martial arts paradigm. We focus instead on what is relevant to our students now – today.

Krav Maga & Chiron Training

Krav Maga is our “hardware” and reality based self-defense is our “software”. Our Program Developer & Owner works collaboratively with Chiron Training & the International Violence Dynamics Team to keep our principle based self-defense training program relevant, effective, and current. Once certified, our instructors are required to continue their training; keeping their physical and instructional skills current. Like Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and other martial arts, students can train and test for ranks designated by patches as a nod to our military history.

Before you step on the mat,
we encourage you to meet our team.


Tammy Yard-MacCracken
Tammy Yard-MacCrackenChief Istructor - Psy.D. LPC - Owner & Program Director
Dr. Tammy McCracken is owner & Global Solutions Director of Personal Defense Industries (PDI). As PDI’s owner, she serves as program director for Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga, the company’s Northern Virginia training center. She is a certified Conflict Communication Instructor and is one of four directors with Rory Miller’s Chiron Training. Her training programs have been sought out by safety and security professionals, members of law enforcement, first responders (EMS), and national security professionals.
Mike Devine
Mike DevineProgram Manager, Certified Instructor, Kore Warriors Training Coordinator
Mike has been a practicing Martial Artist for 16 years. He trained in Tae Kwon Do to earn his 2nd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor rank. While training and teaching in TKD, he provided instruction in both Adult and Kids’ classes. His Tae Kwon Do experience expanded into Hapkido and Judo.

Mike has been training at Kore since 2013, eventually earning his instructor certification. He is the acting program for Kore’s Warrior (youth) program and brings his expertise to the adult program as well. Mike shares that his
training has helped in all aspects of his life, particularly in his work as an armed security officer.

He credits Kore with his ability to apply appropriate logic, timing, and responses in handling difficult situations: “The basics we practice with de-escalation, timeline, and situational awareness are my go-to tools for each interaction with the public. Learning to “other” myself and take the emotional responses out of how I interact with clients and potential problematic people are the foundation of how I operate thanks to Kore’s training and our affiliation with the people from Violence Dynamics. I love being a part of this tribe with all the people and families that help make us who we are.”


Dan McCracken
Dan McCrackenCertified Instructor
Dan earned a Krav Maga instructor certification originally with Krav Maga Global, Eyal Yanilov & Emmanuel Ayache. He lends his support to the development team as an acting law enforcement consultant & regular instructor. He is currently certified through Kore’s Instructor College program and carries extensive certifications as an instructor in a vast arena of personal security related skill sets. He brings over 23 years in law enforcement at the local and federal levels to our team.

Amy Maxwell
Amy MaxwellCertified Instructor
Amy Maxwell’s original certification as a Krav Maga instructor was granted by Krav Maga Global. She has continued her education as an instructor with extensive training in other fighting systems and is currently certified by Kore Self-Defense’s Instructor College.
Amy began training at Kore Krav Maga in our first 6 months of operation and has been an integral element in our efforts to increase the number of female instructors here in the area & in the U.S. She utilizes her understanding of goal development and what it takes to accomplish difficult tasks in her work with students on the mat.
Roy French
Roy FrenchLead Coach, Kore Warriors
Bio coming soon!
Jacob Shepard
Jacob ShepardCertified Instructor
Jacob joined the instructor team the Fall of 2020 earning his full instructor certification after nearly 24 months of work to the achievement. His dedication and commitment to excellence reflects his ability to provide insightful direction to students working on the mat. He brings with him 10 years of training experience in Krav Maga & Self-Defense.
He currently works as an analyst for the Federal Government, and previously functioned as a background investigator for persons seeking security clearances. His background in psychology includes studies in both forensic and legal psychology with experience working with individuals charged with domestic and/or sexual violence.
Rory Miller
Rory MillerConsigliere
As Consigliere, Rory supports the training programs as Subject Matter Expert in Violence Dynamics and advisor to curriculum development/programming in the self-defense program. Kore’s foundations of self-defense course, The Kore Training Course, is a product of the Rory’s collaboration with our Chief Instructor, Tammy McCracken. For more information on Rory Miller, his training series and published works we encourage you to visit his website: Chiron Training.

Kore Self Defense Team

  • Steve Fisher, Assistant Instructor
  • Allison MacDonald, Assistant Instructor 
  • Kevin Bosman, Instructor Candidate
  • Sophie Fisher, Instructor College
  • Mary McKeon, Instructor College

Personal Defense Industries Instructor College


Our Instructor College is open to qualified, enrolled Kore Self-Defense Students. Becoming a certified instructor requires commitment, technical proficiency in the physical skills, and academic competency in self-defense instruction. Instructor certification is an apprentice/internship process with periodic assessment toward final credentialing.



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