The Kore Warriors Program

Kore Warriors, our certified KMG Kids & Youth self defense program groups children according to developmentally appropriate training levels. We have Three Unique divisions, Kids, Youth, and Juniors. Each division has 5 ranks that can be earned through a positive grading process. Children change divisions by age, not by rank. At age 13 most teens train in our adult training program.

K Level – Ranger Team
(ages 5-7)

Tuesdays 5:30-6:15 pm, Saturdays 9:00-9:45 am.
Once a week is adequate for our youngest students but for the hardest charging of our little ones, two classes is more than enough!

Y & J Level – Alpha, Brave & Delta Teams
(ages 8-12)

Mondays 5:30-6:15 pm, Wednesdays 5:30-6:15 pm, Thursdays 5:30-6:15 pm.
For our older warriors, we recommend twice per week attendance as much as possible. If your young warrior is really goal-oriented? Three times a week will definitely show the results! Team Delta is a select team of older students who by their work ethic and skill train on a curriculum bridging to the adult program prior to their transition to the Teen Class.



Why bring your child to Kore Self Defense?

Children and youth who can effectively manage personal conflict (physical or verbal) develop a unique type of confidence; The confidence to live a life with compassion instead of fear.

Kore Self-Defense is a premier training center. We are the only program in Loudoun County with roots back to Ze’ev Cohen’s youth curriculum originally developed in conjunction with Krav Maga Global. Our Kore Warriors Director, Brian Mason and owner Tammy McCracken have specialized training in youth self-defense, including Krav Maga for children. Our curriculum and class structure is continually evaluated against the needs of our community.

The program is developmentally appropriate for each age level and is backed by years of academic, observational, and experimental research with a focus on play-based learning. Like traditional  children’s programs in Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts, classes integrate discipline, leadership and positive character development.

We know cost is an important factor for young families. We are confident in our program and comfortable posting our rates publicly. Please scroll down for all tuition information.

In addition to learning the physical skills and personal discipline, Kore Self Defense kids learn:

  • Confident decision making
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Age-appropriate responses to emotional and physical bullying
  • Age-appropriate skills for threats from an adult (stranger awareness, etc.)
  • Personal confidence required to avoid conflict
  • Physical conditioning/fitness skills they will be having too much fun to even notice
  • Students in the 8-13 age groups have the opportunity to earn leadership points making them eligible for our Mentorship program

  • Ranger Team:
    • Ages 5-7 fall within the K-division. K students may attend two Kore Warrior classes per week.
    • One-time registration fee: $140 includes uniform & one month training tuition free.
    • Testing and Rank fees included in tuition
    • Monthly Fee Structure:
      • One child: $105/month
      • First sibling: $80/month
      • Second sibling: $70/month
      • Tuition rates (15% discount for one-time payments):
        • Summer (June-August): $255 includes free uniform
        • Annual Membership: $988 covers school year and summer months, plus free uniform
  • Team Alpha & Team Bravo:
    • Children ages 8-10 are included in the Y-division, while kids aged 11-13 are part of the J-division
    • Both Y and J students may attend three Kore Warrior classes per week
    • One-time registration fee: $240 includes uniform, training gear, & first month of training free
    • Testing and Rank fees included in tuition
    • Monthly Fee Structure:
      • One child: $134/month
      • First sibling: $99/month
      • Second sibling: $80/month
      • Tuition rates (15% discount for one-time payments):
        • Annual Membership: $1200, covers school year and summer months along with uniform and gear
  • Team Delta:
    • Delta Team is an elected group of students from the Alpha and Bravo Teams. Participation in this team is dependent on attitude, behavior and skill level. Many of our 12 and 13 year old students will qualify for this group. Students who enroll for the first time at age 13 will be individually evaluated with parent and student participation regarding program assignment. Many 13 year olds will be appropriate for this group in our Warriors program. Occasionally, a 13 year old is more appropriate due to physical and emotional maturity for the adult program.

A 15% discount applies to monthly tuition rates for Teachers, Military and Law Enforcement Families. The 15% discount is automatically included in the one-time payment options. The Law Enforcement discount is also extended to other first responders such as Fire, Rescue, EMS.

Enrollment: For Registration Instructions & General Questions Contact Director of Operations, Andi Boyer:

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