Kevin Bosman



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Kevin Bosman
Kevin BosmanOwner/Instructor
Kevin Bosman
Owner/Instructor, Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga

Kevin joined Kore in October 2016 while he was attending NOVA Community College to get certified as an EMT. Aside from his years training in Krav Maga, Kevin’s martial arts experience also includes Karate, Boxing, Hapkido, with some exposure to the worlds of BJJ and Muay Thai as well. Kevin was certified as an instructor under our founder Tammy Yard-McCracken in October of 2023. Kevin is also certified as a Level 1 Coach under Master Buck Grant’s Muay Thai University.

In May of 2022, Kevin was certified by the DCJS for armed/unarmed private security and currently works as a Security Officer in Ashburn, VA.