Sophie Fisher


Sophie Fisher
Sophie FisherAssistant Instructor
Sophie Fisher
Assistant Instructor, Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga

Sophie started at Kore in February 2019 when she was in 7th grade. Before coming to Kore, she had struggled with anxiety and other issues, but Kore quickly became “family” for her. She now had a positive outlet to deal with the negative energy she was dealing with.

Fast forward a few years and Sophie successfully completed Kore’s 2022 Instructors College. She officially became an Assistant Instructor at Kore in July of 2023. You’ll mostly see Sophie working as a Kid’s Coach for Kore’s Warrior program. She is actively involved with 500 Rising as an Endorsed Colleague and she is a level 2 Apprentice through Buck Grant’s Muay Thai University. Her background also includes ~3 years of Taekwondo with Sterner’s TKD.

In her spare time she plays percussion in the Broad Run Marching Band and plays the violin.