I ran off to New England this past weekend and earned my keep by teaching a short seminar on Intelligent Self-Defense on Friday. It paid my way to the Counter Custody weekend course with Ed Calderon/Ed’s Manifesto.

I met Ed several years ago in Oakland. It was a limited series of short encounters. I came away with a handful of valuable jewels. A couple of weeks ago a good friend up in New England said … hey, I’m going to Counter Custody wanna’ come? I almost said no. It meant rearranging a few schedules here at Kore to run off for the weekend.

I learned a metric ton. Among the things I learned: I used to run off to training weekends a couple times each year. Sometimes more. Placing myself in new environments with new people and new information. As Kore grows it gets easier to just ‘stay home’ and take care of my teaching responsibilities and the business aspects. I slid into a Maybe Next Time mindset.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Do the things that you are responsible for and to, that’s just being an integris human. But also push back against the slide into day-to-day routine and push yourself into beautiful spaces with opportunities for discovery and the unprecedented possibilities created in failures.

I have a few bruises. I have one or two particularly tender spots I didn’t have before. They will heal and as they do, I am the stronger for it.

Get out there. Do life. Train. Engage. Be.


p.s. check out Ed’s stuff – worth.it. You can find him here: Ed’s Manifesto.