Getting started. We’ve all got a list of things we want to do. Right now, one of mine is get the bedroom painted. It’s been on my list for….

It still isn’t painted. You have one of those lists, right? If training in self-defense is one of those list items here are a couple of common hurdles and a little direction for how to jump them.

  1. First class. Going somewhere new when you have to interact with people you don’t know can be uncomfortable, even when you really-really want to do the thing. Talk a friend into coming with you, that’s one way to jump this one. If you are walking through our doors by yourself the first time though, we will do our level best to help you feel welcome. Bonus: doing uncomfortable things increases your overall resilience for when life goes to shit, which happens once in a while.
  2. Second Class. First-time factor is behind you. A second class? It means maybe you’re thinking about giving this a try for a while. That thought conjures up other thoughts: do I have time? Can I afford it? Can I actually learn this stuff? Thinking through decisions is good practice. OVERthinking? Not so much. We have a simple 30-Day notice cancellation policy so you won’t be hounded down for $ against longterm contracts. Come back in and see what happens.
  3. Time. Part of the second-class factor, it’s an authentic concern for most of our students. Life is busy enough, right? Here’s the thing. About 50% of our students train for 1-2 years. They get what they need for competency and go try new stuff. The rest of the tribe, well – they just keep coming back no matter what we do : ). The point is, you don’t have to feel this is a lifelong commitment and you don’t have to be here every day of the week to improve. 2x a week is common for a lot of our tribe and it is sufficient for progressive skill building.
  4. Self-defense…I don’t really need it. This is both myth and fact. Historically, we live in a particularly safe era. Loudoun County is a particularly safe area. Also true, violence and conflict happen everywhere. Bigger though, training makes life better overall. There is a unique flavor of confidence that evolves when you train and it seasons every aspect of life. Students have had job changes, new relationships, marriages, and other cool stuff they attribute to how their outlook has changed because of their training.
  5. Last one. I need to get fit first. Ummm… As long as you don’t have a medical condition that makes physical activity dangerous, you have to live in the body you’re walking around in, right? You have to defend yourself in that same body. We’ll work with you from where you are and help you get to your goals along the way.

Be your own hero – do something you’ve always wanted to do.