Moving house is a major pain in the ass, isn’t it? But it’s usually for good things: a new (better) home, new job, new relationship, things we look forward too in spite of the moving hassles. Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga is hitting the same transition in mid-July 2018. We are so excited for the new facility we can hardly wait!

Basic Intel First-

  • New Address: 21550 Beaumeade Circle
  • Distance From Current Location: 2.4 miles (yup, super close)
  • Phone: remains the same 571-291-5084
  • When: Projection for the week of July 7-14th.

Details Next-

The new facility is under the superstructure for The Silver Eagle Group in their new location. Our colleagues at SEG purchased their own building in the Fall and are furiously in the rebuild stage after a gut-job. Our section of the facility has it’s own private entrance facing Beaumeade Circle. In the new location we there are 3 training “rooms”, a reception area away from the noise, an enclosed office for more peaceful conversations during training hours along with a men’s and women’s locker room outfitted with lockers, changing areas, showers etc.

Overall, we will have significantly more training space than we currently have, an upgrade in amenities and a lot less noise when there are multiple classes running simultaneously!

What about security? Yes, SEG is a gun range along with their tactical training programs. Kore’s unit will be completely segregated. There is internal access between the facilities that is protected by an RFID secure door. Particularly when our kids are training, this door will be closed and only staff with access cards will be able to enter/leave between the facilities.

Impact On Training

Now, to the hassle part – aka the move. There is always a possibility things won’t go as planned. Life is like that. We are hoping for minimal disruption to the training schedule and will keep you posted as we are more clear about what this looks like.

Farewell to Red Rum Drive- it’s been a good location over the last 5 and a half years. It was definitely an upgrade from our little mat room at a private the gym off of Highway 7 & the back corner of a Crossfit box. Both of those closed years ago but we’re going strong. We never thought we would outgrow the location, but we did and couldn’t be happier to have so many wonderful members of the Kore Tribe.

Stay tuned for updates and pics!

See you on the mat,