Rory Miller

Sign up for two days of principles-based training with Rory Miller, and test yourself against…yourself.

If you want to train with award winning author of Meditations on Violence, Conflict Communication & Facing Violence , now is your chance. Rory Miller is at Kore September 15th and 16th.

Rory Miller's Principles-Based Instruction for Self-Defense

Day 1: the principles of dealing with a violent encounter. Train with the underlying principles of  your physical skills. Discover how you make decisions under pressure. Improve your ability to respond in changing realities of a potentially violent encounter.

Day 2: Scenario day.  Each participant will be put through a personally designed experience. Participants will also get involved in the execution of the remaining scenarios. There are life lessons earned in this unique day of training. Personal experience that can not be duplicated in any other way. In fact, participants have reported being scenario support as valuable as their own scenario experience.

Reality Check. Space is limited for the 2-Day event. Signing up for both days? Do that as soon as possible. Saturday only has more room in it but again – we do have a cap.

Why this? Why Now?

It’s been 2 years since Rory Miller has been to the Mid-Atlantic Region. This Fall, he begins scaling back his travel significantly into his version of retirement. Do NOT miss what may be one of the most foundational elements of your training.

Sign up now: Rory Miller Registration ––gMhhM