Finally! We are fully operational in our new facility on Beaumeade Circle. The construction delays and hiccups reminded me what we set about when we first opened the doors of our training program 7 years ago: creating, supporting and expanding personal resilience.

That’s really what training in self-defense is about – at least for us. At the end of the day, all the techniques in the world won’t amount to squat if you don’t have the head space to stay in the fight until you can get to safety. But resilience is about more than that, it’s about knowing there is something worth fighting for. And you are.

Resilience as a skill finds a lot of different proving grounds. For us this past year it’s been wading through 6 months of construction woes.

So VERY worth it! We have a beautiful, big new facility with fantastic amenities and training options including January specials. Give me 1.5 minutes of your time for a quick tour and invitation to our January Specials-