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Gain the mental resilience, the physical skills, and the prevention tactics foundational for personal authority. These two days of women self defense training will not only make you safer, these personal protection skills will change how you see the world, increasing the potential for success in all you take on.

The statistics change when we make them change – Be The Change!


  • 10 am – 2 pm Saturday July 28 & Sunday July 29th – light lunch provided
  • T–Shirt commemorating the event & a free gift (and training for how to use it in self-defense)
  • Cost: $225.00, SEG and Kore Self-Defense Members 40% off (requires a special discount code, please ask)

Early Registration Through July 1: 15% Savings with code RISE2018

You will learn:

  • How a predator targets his victim
  • How simple changes in your body language making you a “hard target” … that’s a good thing
  • Warning signs of a personal relationship that’s becoming dangerous
  • What you are legally responsible for in self-defense decisions
  • The essential elements for Threat Assessment & Prevention
  • How to overcome the BIGGEST threat to a woman’s safety
  • 2 levels of boundary setting
  • Physical skills designed specifically for women & the circumstances confronting our safety and security including

You will get:

  • Invaluable skills & knowledge
  • A commemorative T-Shirt
  • Special gift you can use to protect yourself…and how to use it
  • A light lunch each day
  • A new attitude of confidence, resilience & power

Who Can Enroll:

  • High School aged women and up
  • Girls 13 years old may participate with an adult female family member co-enrolled. Due to the direct & honest nature of the conversations we feel this is the best approach for younger women.
  • Women who are 14 but not yet in high school should also be co-enrolled with an adult.

Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga

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